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The main principle of this style of Jeetkunedo is concept of "Ying" and "Yang". "Ying" and "Yang" theory involved in all areas of Jeetkunedo Kim techniques: Soft and Hard punching or kicking; soft and hard blocking or parrying; soft and hard throwing or joint locking.
We have a great honor to introduce you Grand Master Mikhail Kim and his concept or way of Jeetkunedo Kim.
Second principle is using "Ying" energy against attacking "Yang" energy and after counter with own "Yang" power.
Rapid Speed is mark of this comprehensive martial art founded by legendary Martial Arts Expert and Movie Actor Bruce Lee.
Jeetkunedo Kim includes: Kembo Boxing, Kembo Kickboxing, Grappling, Ground Fighting, Fast Striking and Throwing Combinations, Fast Striking and Joint Breaking Combinations, Modern methods of Weapons training and Reality-Based Self-Defense for all life situations.
Grand Master Mikhail Kim teaches also Shaolin methods of Internal Energy Development.
We should note that Mr. Kim has hard Boxing experience with 115 fights on the ring and his personal record is 60 knock outs.
In 2005 Grand Master Kim founded International Jeetkunedo Federation - IJF with associations in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Germany and Israel.
All IJF team would like to thank Dr. Bernd Hoehle for his noble and outstanding help in founding International Jeetkunedo Federation.
The members of Martial Arts Community invite all of you for the next International Jeetkunedo Seminar which will be provided by Grand Master Mikhail Kim on Summer, 2007 in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Please, contact to for more information about upcoming international seminars, championships, courses and trainings.
You will find in attachments the Photo Report about Jeetkunedo Seminar which was conducted by Grand Master Mikhail Kim on 4-7th October, 2007 in Baku, Azerbaijan.


Kim Mikhail Kim Mikhail Kim Mikhail
Kim Mikhail Kim Mikhail Kim Mikhail

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