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Name: Dr. Ron Kluger
Date of birth:  3 January 1952
Languages: Hebrew, English, and Hungarian.
Phone no.:  972 50 9309504
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Leader:  International Budo Academy ©
Karate Do International Renmei ©

 Israeli System of Military Self Defense - Krav Maga ©

*       Social Psychology, Educational Planning, Methodic-Didactics,
Training Analyzation, Philosophy of the Art
(Tel Aviv, Open University, 1975-1984).
*       Alternative Medicine: Shiatsu & Bio Energy
(“Kushido” Health Academy, South Africa, 1986).
MA. – Master Teacher of Martial Arts – 1994 – (International Budo     Academy)
MA. – Educational Management – 1995 - (Hamilton. U.)
Ph.D.  - Education – 1997 - (Hamilton. U.)


Professional Education - Martial Arts:

       * Instructor of Krav Maga (Israeli Defense Forces, 1970 - 1973)
* School of Karate Do Teachers (South Africa 1974-1975).
* Certified Instructor of Judo
(School of Physical Education and Sport, Israel- 1972)
* Graduate of the WKF Masters Seminar (1986).
* Graduated Senior Coach of Martial Arts
(School of Physical Education and Sport,    Israel - 1987).                           
* Graduate of advanced course for Karate Do Masters (South Africa 1991).
* 4th. Dan Judo (USMA, 1998)
* 8th.Dan, Ju Jitsu (USMA. 1999)
* Master of Arts - Budo, (International Budo Academy, 1996).
* Karatedo, Kyoshi (Master of Masters), Hachi Dan (8th. Degree)
authorized by:
Dai Nippon Butokukai, Kyoto – Japan (2002).
Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do Jun Do Kan , Okinawa – Japan (2002)
*  8th. Dan - World Karate Federation (WKF).
Occupation and professional Credit:

1967-1970 - Judo and Self-Defense Krav Maga Instructor (“Amos” Institute, Israel).
1970-1999 - Physical Education and Close Combat, Krav Maga Instructor, Supervisor & Training Analyzer (Israeli Defense Forces).
1977 - 1984 –Head Instructor of the Health and Recreation Center of Israel, 
1988 - Coordinator and Director of the WUKO-MASTERS SEMINAR and                           
Technical Congress (Hungary)
1984 -1995 - National Chief Referee of the Israel Karate Federation.
1977- 1997 - Member of the Directing Committee of the Israel Karate Federation.
Since 1975 -Head of the International School of Martial Arts,
(Karate Do International Renmei).

1992 -     Director and Organizer of the first JKF Masters Seminar in Israel.
1985- 2000 -Head of the Martial Arts Department at the Nat Holman School of Instructors and Coaches - Wingate Institute for Sport  & Physical Education (Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport – State of Israel).
Since 1989- Advisor to the Finnish Budo Association “Jigota-ry”,.
1995-       Senior Referee of World Karate Confederation.
Since 1995 - Rector of the International Budo Academy.
Since 1996- Technical Advisor to the Hungarian Karate Federation.
Since 1996 - International Advisor  Seishinkai International Karate Do Union.
Since 1997 - Member of the Presidium of World Jundokan Association.
Since 1984 - Official Representative and Certified Officer of
Okinawa  Goju Ryu Karatedo Jun Do Kan, Okinawa, JAPAN.
Since 1996 - Certified Officer  and Representative of the historical
Dai Nippon Butokukai, Kyoto, JAPAN.
Since 1998 - General Secretary & Vice President of the
International Bodyguard & Security Services Association, IBSSA.                                                                                                
Since 1999 – Dean of the Faculty of Martial Arts 
at the Israeli College for Security and Investigation.
Since 2000 – Member of the Presidium and the Technical Committee
of the AAU (American Athletic Union) Karate Program.
Since 2003 – Officially recognized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
as governmental institute to teach and accredit Instructors in the field
of Martial Arts.                                                                                 
Since 2003 – President of IBSSA International Sport Federation
Since 2003 – Head of the Technical Committee of the Israel karate Federation.

“Forever a humble student and a Teacher of Budo”




Rony Kluger Rony Kluger Rony Kluger
Rony Kluger Rony Kluger Rony Kluger

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